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Just 4 days left til traveling from Istanbul to Lisboa

Time goes really fast! In four days I'll be my first time in Istanbul. Istanbul shall be a vibrant and lively city and I cannot wait to visit my friend there! So I've to organize some things before doing my trip. I already got my visa for Turkey. It was really cheap. Just 20 USD. You can also get it here:

Well next step is to find a way how to get from Turkey to Greece. The best possibilty would be go by boat, maybe find a crew for a nice sailing trip. I'm a newcomer in this field. So I dunno how to find them. But I'm optimistic to find something.
Today I'll go to the Vietnamese Embassy in Austria (during the Christmas Holidays I'll be in Vietnam), if they're open and later on there are the African days in Vienna what I'll attend with a friend and maybe also with a polish couch surfer. Tomorrow I will host two frenchies and go out with friends in Bratislava. Perhaps the frenchies will join us. It would be nice! They should be cool people, really active couchsurfing members.
So let's see how it will be! My provisional plan for my seven weeks-trip is these destinations:

18.08. 23.8. Istanbul
23.8. 26.8. Sinop
26.8. 28.8. Bayburt
28.8. 30.8. Izmir
30.8. 5.9. Greece
5.9. 6.9. Bari
6.9. 8.9. Napoli
8.9. 12.9. Roma
12.9. 14.9. San Marino
14.9. 16.9. Milano
16.9. 18.9. Lyon
18.9. 20.9. Toulouse
20.9. 22.9. Andorra
22.9. 24.9. Barcelona
24.9. 26.9. Valencia
26.9. 28.9. Murcia
28.9. 30.9. Malaga
1.10. 2.10. Ceuta
2.10. 3.10. Sevilla
3.10. 5.10. Lisboa

Of course, plans can change. But it's good to have an idea where one wanna go.

See ya!
14.8.14 14:12


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