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Traveling with public transportation is so fucking expensiv in Austria

From yesterday til today I hosted a polish girl. She is traveling to her mother from Vienna to "Spittal an der Drau". Her mother is working in Austria because in Poland its hardly impossible to find a job there. Also with the best education. "It's sad but it's life". Well, what I recognised since yesterday is, that traveling by public transportation is really expensive here. Even by bus. So here some tips for traveling much cheaper in Austria. In general the Austrian train company is ÖBB. With "Vorteilscard" you can save til the half of the price. Vorteilscards should costs about 20Euro. But it's worthy! Also if you book a ticket 3 weeks in advance with "Sparschienen", you can save some money. More the less going by train its expensive!!! Going by bus could be a lil bit cheaper. There is a slovakian coachcompany, what I really for traveling. It's also cheap. They are not just in Austria, its alround Europe. For example from Oslo to Göthenborg you just pay 15 Euro! You can also go by car with someone who already planed going towards the same direction like you. I think everybody knows blablacar. It's a cool way to find a cheap ride. "It's like couchsurfing just with car". But well, a similar site like blablacar is Nearly everybody on this site should speak English, but still you should know some vocabulary. Startadresse: The place where your journey will start Zieladresse: the place where you wanna go MO: Monday DI: Tuesday MI: Wednesday DO: Thursday FR: Friday SA: Saturday SO: Sunday If you wanna book your ride hit the button "Zur Buchung". And write them a message. I mean one can understand it perhaps without translation but sometimes its good to know. I'm not sure if the site is also available in English. Actually what I wanna say is. Go by blablacar or by mitfahrgelegenheit if you wanna save a lot of money. But dont book your ride in the last minute. I would recommand it to you minimum 24 hours before you wanna go there. Gud luck!
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